Organic Wild Jungle Peanuts

Organic Wild Jungle Peanuts are not your ordinary peanut! They are said to be the healthiest nut on the planet (even though they’re not technically nuts). Jungle peanuts are heirloom peanuts that have been preserved and harvested by the Shuar tribe in a remote area of the Ecuadorian Amazon Jungle for hundreds of years. They are loaded with heart-healthy oleic acid, are over 30% protein, and are high in essential nutrients and minerals including magnesium, phosphorus and manganese and all 9 essential amino acids, including methionine, making them a complete source of protein. Jungle peanuts are also Aflatoxin free! Aflatoxins are toxic substances created by mold that grows on hybridized peanuts. Aflatoxins present on all other commercially mass produced peanuts from all over the world are what create “peanut allergies”.

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